Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teengenerate's 20th Anniversary

I'd be lying if I said the impetus for the FLAT TIRE PUNK project wasn't directly related to Teengenerate's 20th anniversary. While FTP will prove to be the most minor, peripherally related part of this milestone, the band's influence in undeniable throughout every part of this project. The release of their debut 7" is the first in a series of Japanese punk records that flat-out KILL, 20 years worth of jaw-droppers. They are IT.

Today, it was announced that the band will reunite to perform a one-off Tokyo show. This performance was organized in conjunction with a documentary film about the band. No word on when (or even if) this film will make its way outside of Japan, but the existence of such a document is oh-so-awesome.

There will no doubt be more nerdy fawning over this lot in posts and print to come, but I wanted to present a tasty morsel today for us Yanks who can't wing over to Tokyo to rage. Here's HORIZONTAL ACTION's feature on the band, significant because it's a full-on fanboy piece straight outta Issue #1, brought to us by the collective that spawned HoZac Records and Chicago's Blackout Fest.

Fuck...wish I could go to this blowout!

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