Wednesday, September 04, 2013


The Gimmies have been a fun band to track over the last decade.  Their debut K.O.G.A. 7" is a true marvel and one of the few Flat Tire Punk records that seemed to penetrate Western eardrums during "The Dead Years" circa the turn of the century.  Since that debut, they've scattered a bevy of comp tunes, released a couple CD-only albums (always a tough proposition) and a handful of decent-to-great singles, the finest being their most recent releases on Pop'n'Roll and Unfold.  The onslaught (by Japanese standards, anyway) continues with their new single, their 3rd in the last 2 years, which CAN BE PURCHASED DOMESTICALLY via the always reliable Modernist label.  "Kids And Neighbors" offers up big-guitar punk rock that measures up to the very best currently available.  Loud rocker shite you'll adore, I tell ya.



Bassta! Pex, a.k.a. Gramofonije Plocanovic said...

Mitch! Pex from Soviet Valves here, how the hell are you?
I saw the Gimmies in June and they are the most amazing! Haven't heard this single yet, but got two previous ones. Will check my collection to see if I can contribute to this awesome blog.
Got the newly released Soviet Valves 12" Mini LP yet?

M.Cardwell said...

Hiya Pex! Nice to hear from you...been too long! Yes, I picked up the recent SV 12" and actually reviewed it for MRR.
And yeah, check this new Gimmies record out. Totally great!