Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why does this exist and why do I love it so?

I'm taking coffee break (who am I kidding:  72oz. Cherry Coke break) from worthlessness to discuss a matter of great import:  Kead Dennedys.

Not even lyin', dawgs.  Kead Dennedys are a Japanese DEAD KENNEDYS cover band who, for reasons absolutely positively unknown, released a 7"EP on the illustrious K.O.G.A label in the mid 1990s.  WHY???  Probably because someone actually said they could, which is startling as all fuck.  Cover, wait...excuse me.  TRIBUTE bands don't "do" records, right?  It just doesn't happen.  How many Mini-Kiss LPs do you have?

Yet, I lurve it.  The real "Too Drunk To Fuck" was the very first punk rock single I ever owned and I'll fly its colors until the day I die.  BUT I also admire the band's execution, especially Ishikawa's channeling of Jello Biafra's vocal style.

But yes yes yes, absurdity is the true selling point.  The record's very existence is ridiculous.  Seek it out to hear (my fave) "Police Truck" and "Bleed For Me", both rendered as faithfully as the title track.

There simply has to be a back-story here.  What other bands were these guys in?  Did they pull it off live or was this strictly a studio affair?  Has Brandon Cruz entered the fold yet?  If you got the info, I'm all ears...

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